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Light therapy or Phototherapy is the use of a specific type of light rays that are emitted from specific units so as to be able to treat an individual’s skin conditions for psoriasis, vitiligo or other disorders. These specific types of light rays are called Ultraviolet (UV) light rays that are emitted in a specific wavelength so as to alter the abnormal skin cells so that they behave and replicate regenerate at a regular and normal pace. During the phototherapy treatment, your skin is exposed to these UV light rays which are usually emitted from a phototherapy unit.

Phototherapy makes use of either UV-A (340-400 nm) radiation source commonly known as the PUVA Therapy, or the UV-B Broadband (280-365 nm) or the UV-B Narrowband (3111 nm) radiation source during the treatment. The narrowband UV-B light one of the most popular and favourite owing to its harmless, simple and very effective characteristics, as well as its proven medical success rate of about 80% among sufferers of skin conditions, especially Psoriasis. All these sources of radiation vary depending on the different type of phototherapy device. These Phototherapy treatment units consist of various sizes and range from lightweight handheld devices for small areas of treatment to more heavy and professional ones for larger body areas or full body treatment.

There is no such thing as a cure to Psoriasis and Vitiligo, but no one said that you cannot live without any discomfort with it. This is exactly Phototherapy comes into play.
Phototherapy is considered as one of the safest, most effective, painless and most convenient types of treatment of various skin conditions, especially Psoriasis and Vitiligo. It is hence an important instrument with ever-growing importance and awareness in the dermatology sector as well as among sufferers of skin conditions. The number of skin conditions that can be treated with Phototherapy keeps increasing day by day. This is hence your best chance at solving your skin issues!

Phototherapy can be used as a monotherapy or as a combination of other treatments such as health supplements, healthy living diets and other topical products, so as to produce faster and more effective results. Apart from being very efficient, phototherapy treatments are very cost-effective in the long run as well as safe to use. In addition, it is a very helpful treatment for users who cannot use other methods to treat their skin conditions, such as systemic medications. Phototherapy also does not involve any kind of side effects, except for occasional rare and mild skin sensitiveness.

Phototherapy treatment periods are usually very short and very effective as from the first week itself, depending on the severity of the skin condition. However, it is always advisable to consult a doctor before opting for the phototherapy treatment, especially for large and more professional units, so as to know and understand the appropriate time and dosage perfect for you. Phototherapy is considered as a safe treatment for children, elders and even pregnant women.


Phototherapy has been found to be useful in the treatment of several diseases and conditions such as:

  • Phototherapy for Treatment of Psoriasis and Vitiligo with incredible success rates.
  • Phototherapy for treatment of other skin conditions such as acne, neurodermatitis, various eczemas, and even compensate for vitamin D deficiency.
  • Phototherapy for Hyperbilirubinemia
  • Phototherapy for winter depression (SAD)
  • Phototherapy for jetlag syndrome
  • Phototherapy for shift works syndrome
  • Phototherapy for skin pre-cancer stages or superficial types of skin cancer
  • Phototherapy for prevention or rehabilitation
  • Phototherapy for Psoriasis treatment


The use of UV-B light in phototherapy is considered as the most ancient and competent treatment in the case of Psoriasis, as the UV-B light rays easily infiltrate the skin surface to act on the abnormal skin cells, thus slowing down their irregular development. The phototherapy treatment, in this case, consist of exposing the affected skin zone to an artificial UV-B light source, usually emitted from products, for a controlled period of time at a controlled dosage. In some cases, the skin condition may worsen for a very short period of time before starting to effectively show positive results. The amount and dose of the treatment hence must be correctly decided so as to avoid overexposure of the UV-B light rays. 

The UV-B phototherapy treatment consists of either the UV-B narrowband (TL/01) or the UV-B broadband (TL/12). In this case, the UV-B narrowband (TL/01) is much easier, smaller and more convenient to use, as it eliminates the risk of overdose or any side effects as compared to the broadband. However, both UV-B light therapies have been medically tested and are in practice all over the world.

2) PUVA Therapy

The PUVA therapy consists of a combination of systemic treatment along with UV-A light therapy so as to treat skin conditions such as Psoriasis, Vitiligo, acne, amongst others. This therapy helps to bring results that cannot be seen in merely using systemic medications of light therapy alone. Nevertheless, both these methods have been found to be very competent given the right time and dosage of the treatment are maintained.

PHOTOTHERAPY for Vitiligo Treatment

Light therapy is very beneficial in the treatment of Vitiligo as it can help in the re-pigmentation of the affected skin. Despite this treatment may be a slow process until the results are clearly seen, it effectively starts with the re-pigmentation of the outer edges of the affected zone to slowly treat the whole area. Phototherapy in the treatment of Vitiligo has proven to be safe for adults and children alike for over 10 years now. It is considered to be safer as compared to the PUVA therapy which includes systemic medications. Phototherapy thus helps in the improvement of the appearance of the skin by restoring its normal complexion.

PHOTOTHERAPY for the treatment of other skin conditions

The list of skin conditions which can today be treated with phototherapy is on a constant rise. This list includes other photoresponsive skin conditions such as Parapsoriasis, Pityriasis Lichenoides, Pityriasis Rosea, various types of Eczema, Polymorphous light eruption, Furunculosis, Folliculitis, indolent Ulcers, Prurigo and Pruritis, Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma (Sézary syndrome), Mycosis Fungoides, Lichen Planus amongst others.

Most of these skin conditions have found to attain great success rates with the UV-B narrowband and broadband as well as the PUVA therapy and is hence, becoming very famous and wanted among people suffering from skin disorders.

SO, Why Us?

Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with highly reputed manufacturers in the Psoriasis and Vitiligo industry giving us the confidence with the products we bring to our customers. We always strive to bring you the best products to treat the skin conditions. We are often said time heals and we can affirmatively say that with the use of the products proposed, noticeable differences are seen. We all know that Psoriasis and Vitiligo cannot be cured but they can be managed to live happily. Our constant lookout for new products and research in the sector while working with Healthcare professionals, have allowed us to showcase that science is making progress, giving the trust we, all need to live with those conditions.

Part of our ethos is to always pamper our customers- which is why we create an enchanting customer experience by ensuring fast delivery, reliability, continual customer contact and the best product experience. We also believe in loving what we do and as a result, we work hard to make it happen.

UV Phototherapy and You

According to recent surveys conducted by the National Psoriasis Foundation in cooperation with the American Academy of Dermatology, phototherapy has been found to be the most preferred and liked choice of treatment in the case of skin conditions, especially Psoriasis and Vitiligo.

Therefore, why not take advantage of such a wanted and effective mode of treatment for your skin! Phototherapy brings about many benefits for its users, for example, the person does not have to move to hospitals or clinics and can carry out the process comfortably and conveniently at home itself.

Moreover, numerous units of varying sizes and weights have been specially designed so as to facilitate such home treatment. Also, it does not include any time-consuming process and can hence, easily fit in your busy schedule and daily routine tasks.

Our range of Phototherapy Products:

  • Professional phototherapy products
    • Dermalight 80 UV-A Woodlight
    • Dermalight 80 Tester
    • Dermalight 500 PRO
    • Dermalight 1000 (8 lamps)
    • Dermalight 1000 (12 lams)
    • Dermalight 2000 (2x8 lamps or 2x12 lamps)
    • Dermalight 3000
  • Other Helpful Products

    • M-Folia Psoriasis Natural Shampoo
    • M-Folia Psoriasis Conditioner
    • M-Folia Psoriasis Natural Ointment
    • M-Folia Psoriasis Nourishing cream
    • M-Folia Psoriasis Natural Scalp oil
    • Saalux Dandruff treatment solution

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